ScanSnap Connect Application


ScanSnap Connect Application is a mobile scanning tool to support your fast-paced life. Providing the option to scan to your iOS or Android mobile device, it is a reliable and efficient way to go paperless. Whether you are traveling, at home or in the office, you can organize PDF and JPEG images scanned with ScanSnap on any device. Access your scanned files on the go for ultimate flexibility.


Improve mobility for better productivity

Without a desktop computer, the ScanSnap Connect Application allows your smartphone or tablet device to operate the personal document scanner ScanSnap and handle the scanned images.

Scan with any device

Scan from any smart device via Wi-Fi using Access Point Connect mode at home and at work (when using ScanSnap iX500/iX100).

Scan whenever and wherever

Connect to your ScanSnap iX100 using Direct Connect mode even in places without Wi-Fi (When using ScanSnap iX100).

ScanSnap Sync

Synchronize scanned documents on your mobile phone and data on your computer with the ScanSnap Sync function offering seamless linkage between ScanSnap Organizer and ScanSnap Connect Application. Manage your information anytime, anywhere. Editing scanned documents from mobile devices is now a breeze with the functions of ScanSnap Organizer such as the OCR, paper rotation function, and searchable PDF conversion function.

*ScanSnap Sync utilizes third party cloud services, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, to synchronize data between ScanSnap Connect Application and ScanSnap Organizer. Initial account registration for the cloud service is required.


System Requirements for iOS

Supported device iPad 4 or later
iPhone 5 or later
iPod touch 6th or later 
Operating system iOS 10.0 or later
Other requirements Wi-Fi environment

System Requirements for Android™ / Kindle Fire

Supported device with Android 4.4 or later installed
Operating system Android 4.4 or later
CPU ARM processor
(ARM dual core 1.5GHz or higher recommended)*
Memory capacity 512 MB or more
(1 GB or more recommended)*
Other requirements Wi-Fi environment

*The scanning speed may drop if recommended system requirements are not met. Software may not work, if operating system requirements are not met.

Please refer to the ScanSnap Organizer Specifications page for ScanSnap Sync System Requirements.

Functions available in ScanSnap Home and ScanSnap Connect Application

Functions ScanSnap Home
ScanSnap Connect Application
Automatic color detection Yes Yes (1)
Auto resolution mode Yes Yes
Blank page removal Yes Yes
Automatic size detection Yes Yes
De-skew Yes (2) Yes
Automatic rotation Yes No
Bleed-through reduction Yes Yes
Convert to searchable PDF Yes No
Folded A3 stitching Yes No
Auto format recognition Yes No
Auto name Yes No
Long paper scanning Yes Yes (3)
Multi-feed detection (4) Yes Yes (5)
Streak reduction Yes No
Save to preset folder Yes No
Send via email Yes No
Print Yes No
Covert to Word/Excel/PowerPoint® Yes No
Document/receipt/business card/photo management Yes No
ScanSnap Cloud (6) Yes No
  1. Available only with color and grayscale.
  2. Also capable of recognizing skewed text.
  3. Available only with the ScanSnap iX1500. Capable of scanning up to 863 mm in duplex and 1,726 mm in simplex.
  4. Available with the ScanSnap iX1500 and iX500.
  5. Overlap detection only.
  6. Availability of ScanSnap Cloud may vary depending on region.


ScanSnap Connect Application (iOS/Android™) is available as a free download from the App Store, the Google Play or the Amazon Appstore in your region.

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