Send email directly from ScanSnap models equipped with touch screens

On the touch screens for ScanSnap iX1600 and iX1500, set a destination email address to profile icons, and scan directly to emails without the PC. It is now feasible to send scans directly in a few simple steps.

*Latest version of software and firmware are required.

*Please refer to the link below for how to check the delivery status of the email sent by the using email sending function (ScanSnap Mail service).
For ScanSnap Home (PC application)
For ScanSnap Cloud (Mobile application)

*The functional scope of the ScanSnap Mail service is as follows:
Maximum number of mail addresses can be set: 10
Maximum data amount: 30MB
Maximum number of mails can be sent per month: 300

*The ScanSnap Mail services sends mails by using the SendGrid function provided by Twilio, Inc. (Twilio). For details of data saved in Twilio, please refer to the following URL.

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